Tigerkan | Locks & Breakings
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Mohan Shihan expertised many Locking techniques from different Martial Arts, most of them from Kalarippayattu. As the name points, it contains locks and breakings. It is a modified and developed form of Kalarippayattu locks and locks and breakings of different martial arts. Besides, this art is composed of Hand attacks, Kicks, diving etc. It is developed from his 27 years of dedicated teaching experience. This art is most useful for police officers, ladies, children and aged people for self defence. He has introduced four types of techniques for each lock. They are:

  • Lock (actual lock)
  • Block or tada (the tada prevents the locking tendency)
  • Removing the lock (with harm or without harm)
  • Reverse Locking (when removing the lock you can lock your opponent too)

He has introduced some funny locks also. Belt systems are introduced for this art. Initially, the syllabus is formed up to Black Belts. The next syllabus will be expanded after some experiments for dan levels. The belt ranks for this art starts with White Junior and followed by White senior, Blue, Brown Junior, Brown Senior, Black and Dan levels. Normally each belt needs 6 months regular training (weekly 2 days, 2hours/day). The senior belt has a theory paper for their examinations.

  • Personal classes and camp classes are available for out station trainers only by appointments.
  • Lodging facility is available.