Tigerkan | Founder
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Founder and the International Chief of Tigerkan Academy of International Martial Arts has its roots across 18 states of India and 8 other countries.
Karate VII Dan (KAI, SKUDAN & NKFI )

Karate VI Dan (Shotokan, England)

Taekwondo VI Dan (Malaysia) Kukkiwon Certified

Karate IV Dan(Shito-Ryo)

Kobudo IV Dan (SJN)

Kung -Fu IV Dan (Chinese Kung -Fu)

Traditional Adimura & Kalarippayattu Master

Won National championship two times.

Visited 21 countries.

Visited 21 countries.

Good in mathematics and author of 27 books.

``Martial Arts Achievement Award `` 2016

The first indian team caption selected to partiicipate Funakoshi’s World Shotokan Karate Championship held at England.

Winner of “Martial Arts Spirit Award-2006″ from International Martial Arts Federation, Germany.

Technical advisor for 14 styles and member of 21 International Martial Arts Association.

Trained under various national and international masters of different disciplines


Kyoshi Mohan started Kalarippayattu training at the age of 7 under his father Micheal Assan, a traditional Kalarippayattu Master. He also learned Kalarippayattu and Ayurvedic treatments from the masters Late Palayyan Vaidhyar, Late Yovan Vaidhyar, Chellan Assan and Late Fidalis Vaidhyar. Kyoshi Mohan studied Karate from both Shotokan based styles and Shito – ryu based styles. He got training for Karate under 18 Masters. He studied Chinese Kung- Fu from Late sensei M. L. Antony and Late sensei M.A. Baby. He studied Takewondo from Master Bala ( Malaysia). Master Bala is a Kukkiwon certified VIII Dan Black Belt and Retired Military warrant Officer

Martial Arts Spirit Award – 2006

Mohan Shihan was awarded ” Martial Arts Spirit Award – 2006″ from International Martial Arts Federation, Europe HQ – Branch Germany. He got IMAF Medal of Excellence, an Honorary Membership within IMAF Germany and the Honorary Membership of Tokon Independent Martial Arts Federation Germany.This award is offered to individuals for their outstanding importance, achievements, contribution and positive influence resulting from their years of experience, training and efforts in the Martial Arts nominated by IMAF Europe HQ- Branch Germany.

Locks and Breaking system

Mohan Shihan developed a new form of Martial Arts named Locks and Breaking system. As the name points, It contains locks and breaks. It is a modified and developed form of Kalarippayattu locks, locks and breakings of different martial arts. It is developed from the 27 years of dedicated teaching experience.mohanshihan@rediffmail.com OR master@tigerkangroup.com or dial +91 – 9447461131