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Tigerkan Academy of International Martial Arts was established by Mohan Shihan in the year 1990 with the name Tigerkan Karate International. In 1993, Mohan Shihan introduced Kung – fu, Kobudo and Judo, and the name changes to Tigerkan Academy of International Martial Arts (TAIMA). Now TAIMA has its roots across 18 states of India and 8 other countries. The Head Quarters of TAIMA is situated at Pullentheri, Trivandrum District.

Mohan Shihan developed a new form of Martial Arts named Locks and Breaking system. As the name points, it contains locks and breakings. It is a modified and developed form of Kalarippayattu locks, locks and breakings of different martial arts. It is developed from his 27 years of dedicated teaching experience.

In 2003, Mohan Shihan introduced Taekwondo, Adimura and Silambam.
Taekwondo Classes are Running under the guidance of Master Bala (Malaysia). He is a 7th Dan Black belt from WTF and the Chief Instructor of SPEED POWER TAEKWONDO (Malaysia).

We are also running Silambam classes

Mohan Shihan is appointed as the General Secretary of Kerala Siambam Association. (For more details visit www.silambamkerala.org ).

We accept all styles and any styles can be affiliated with us. Presently, 7 styles were affiliated under us. We are giving free Membership and Affiliation to all Martial Arts practitioners. We have extended our services to selected cities, flats, schools, colleges, individuals and dojos. Self learning CD’s are also available.


Shotokan Karate



ChInese kung – Fu

Locks and Breaks


Silambam etc